Clinic Workflow Optimization

Clinic Operational Workflow Management

One Healthcare SolutionSM workflow management services looks at your medical practice as you might a patient. With over 18 years experience working with medical professionals, we specialize in finding areas of savings and show you ways to increase revenues, while at the same time increasing your patient's satisfaction. Just as you help your patients take care of their health we help you with the health of your Practice.

Clinic Workflow Optimization

  • Integrated Scheduling.
  • Priority Patients personal follow-up reminders.
  • Alerts and Task Notification.
  • Interoffice messaging.
  • Waits List Management.
  • Patient Alerts. Tag important patients for the entire practice to see.
  • Call Back Phone Reminders.
  • Automate all Printing. Envelopes, letters, labels and medical wristbands.

Integrated Scheduling:

Doctors and staff work off the same page. Having the schedule centralized in one application gives every one a quick look at the day's patients. Look at your day in a snap. See all your facilities and doctors in on place.

Do I have to re-key my appointments into MediTalkTM? software

No, the One Healthcare SolutionTM technology has interfaces to most common billing systems being used today. This bridge gives you all your appointments with out retyping. Benefit: Save time checking schedules available 24/7.

Priority Patients:

Personal follow-up reminders at a glance. Dated and commented for easy referencing. Never forget another important follow-up again. Sleep easy knowing that nothing has dropped through a crack.

Will I be fighting with annoying reminders all day?

Priority Patients are organized so you can work them at your own pace. Benefit: Keep up with critical patients and cover every follow-up with confidence.

Will the alerts slow me down as I see patients?

Never worry about being distracted. Work at your pace and take advantage of time between patients to get more accomplished.


Save time and be more efficient.

Interoffice messaging:

Communicates with your entire staff with secure messaging. Do not get trapped in long conversation when a quick note takes care of all the details. Quickly send and receive messages to one or all your staff with one click.

Do messages go out over the internet?

Interoffice messaging is only accessible to logged in MediTalkTM system users on your local network.


Saves doctors and staff time communicating.

Wait List:

Clinics can see where patients are at all times. The Wait List keeps track of each station the patient visits while at your clinic. Reports show the patients time and duration for each station visited. Staff manage their stations patient flow and it empowers them to provide better patient care.

Do I really need to see where everyone in the clinic is?

You might only need to see patients in your station that have been waiting.


Improve patient satisfaction and loyalty with shorter wait times.

Patient Alerts:

Making sure that the entire practice is aware of the patient's status can make the difference in providing quality care. Practice level status help track and manage critical and unusual patients. Patient Alerts can be used to track patients participating in research studies to avoid improper medications or testing that would disqualify them from the study.

Can I remove a patient from a Patient Alert?

Yes, and when you remove the Alert you still have an audit trail of what took place.


Reduce possibility of passing over critical care patients.

Call Back Phone Reminders:

Cutting down our time on the phone is something we all wish for. Getting to the right person at the right time makes it so much easier when trying to help patients. Knowing the appropriate number and when to contact patients can make all the difference when trying to take care of the end of day calls. With Call Back’s you can work your list throughout the day.

How do I know if someone has already called them?

Call Back’s helps track all notes about that contact for that patient.


Reduce the number of calls and time spent contacting patients.

Automated Printing.

Whatever the task envelopes, letters, labels of all kinds even medical wrist bands can be printed one at a time or in a batch. Dymo™ label printing is directly interfaced into one solution. If it is a barcodes ore a simple address label it can all be completed in one integrated solution.

What type of printers do I need?

One Healthcare Solution recommends Dell and HP color laser printers along with the Dymo LabelWriter 400 for your printing. Benefit: Lower cost and timesavings for your practice.

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