Automated Transcription Management

Automated Transcription Management Process

  • Put doctors back in control of the dictation process.
  • Over 1 million dictations created with MediTalkTM Voice Recognition software.
  • Cut out transcription costs, increase time management and minimize legal liability.
  • No more turnaround review, revise, and send back.
  • Cut out redundant repetition with custom templates and macros.
  • Documents full of rich accurate information that is pertinent to the visit.
  • Letter quality documentation that doesn't look like a computer-generated form.
  • Get referral letters out quickly and efficiently.
  • See what you're saying while dictating.
  • Custom medical dictionaries for 32 different specialties

One Healthcare Solution introduces a new way for physicians to create documents.

Speaking with our voice is the most natural way to communicate.

MediTalkTM software gives physicians the ability to interface directly with their Medical Records using speech recognition. MediTalkTM software allows them to be more productive and self-reliant by simply talking to their computers. Physicians are able to quickly produce highly accurate and legible chart notes, medical correspondence and other business documents without enormous transcription costs. Now, the benefits of speech recognition and an electronic medical records tailored to the client’s unique needs is finally available for the medical industry!

MediTalkTM software is much more than just speech recognition. It isn't a medical charting/records package with a speech recognition product added on. MediTalkTM is a fully functional computerized medical records package with a multi-award winning speech recognition engine FULLY INTEGRATED into the package.

The Immediate Benefits of Using One Healthcare Solution technology MediTalkTM Technology

Save Money

If you are using a service or have employees transcribing your notes, it is obviously costing you a great deal of money. With MediTalkTM, we allow the physician to bypass the traditional transcription process. All you do is select an outline and start dictating.

Save Time

MediTalkTM software helps physicians save time. MediTalkTM software allows physicians to dictate directly into their final document to eliminate the time-consuming tradition of "dictate-transcribe-review-revise-approve" transcription process. MediTalkTM is the natural way to speak to your computer today.

Reduce Liability

MediTalkTM software gives the physician the tools they need to eliminate mistakes and gives them the ability to add details with custom templates, phrases and voice macros. Physicians have the control to edit and proof their documents as they talk. Most physicians have at one time or another proofed notes that were completely different from what they dictated into their tape recorder. MediTalkTM software eliminates the risk of erroneous information getting into the chart. You see your dictation as you speak.

Produce Medicare Compliant E/M Documentation

With consistent pressure from outside sources, the medical industry is forced to create more and more detailed documentation. MediTalkTM software allows you to easily create documentation that is compliant with Medicare standards. Just pick the level of visit (brief, expanded, detailed or comprehensive) and the program will guide you through all of the required steps to make sure that the document contains all of the required elements for that level. It's that easy!

Document Appearance

The document and template creation features of MediTalkTM software use fully enabled word processing functions that are completely compatible with MS Word ®. This lets you create notes and letters that give you complete control over the appearance. Even simple chart notes like SOAPs and H&Ps can be visually exciting with the applied use of True Type fonts and formatting.

A Complete Turn Key System

One Healthcare Solution, Inc. offers a complete package. Hidden behind the simplicity of MediTalkTM software are breakthroughs in speech recognition capabilities. MediTalkTM technology utilizes advanced speech drivers, a sophisticated medical dictionary and the most popular word processing systems available. We have the ability to allow the physician to customize the program around their particular needs. Demographic requirements can be different for each specialty or also for each office. Data entry and view screens can be changed to best suit the way you do business. Many physicians tell us that this flexibility is a very refreshing approach to records management.

Speech Recognition Alone VS Speech Enabled Medical Records

Speech recognition software is everywhere today. If you go to software stores today you will see the shelves overflowing with an alphabet soup of different speech recognition products (IBM, Philips, Nuance/Dragon, Microsoft Vista) and you wonder: Do any of them work? Will they do what I need? They are all reasonably priced (usually under $300.00) and promise ease of use and productivity enhancements. Some of the companies, like Nuance even have a Medical Version of their product which sells for as much as $1,200. These products are usually just the basic speech software with an extended medical vocabulary added on. Many physicians purchase these products thinking that they have found an inexpensive solution. However in a recent article published by HCFA about speech recognition it was noted about these products that:

"Although several vendors sell voice recognition with a medical language model, the required development is not trivial. One vendor notes that 50% of their direct sales to physicians are returned..."

Over 50% are returned for a refund. Why is that? Because the product doesn't do enough. During our research we learned that voice recognition (no matter how accurate) and the ability to just create the document by voice does not fill the needs of the physician. The product has to do more, a lot more. The features needed are ones that you might not have thought about when you considered purchasing voice recognition software. Things that you must consider are:

  • Once my notes are created how do I retrieve them? Oh no, I just dictated 10 H&Ps and need to print them, where did I save them on my hard drive and what did I name them?

    With MediTalkTM technology the ENTIRE record is stored in a database for easy retrieval. You select the patient and immediately see EVERY note or document you ever created for that person. Likewise for referring physicians, insurance companies, etc.
  • How can anyone else on my staff retrieve them in my absence?

    MediTalkTM software is fully networked with independent system security. The office manager and receptionist access the documents from their workstation under a secure login.
  • My notes contain a lot of demographic and diagnostic information that is already in the chart. How can I get that information into my notes without typing. **The consistently accurate recognition of proper names is a challenge.

    With MediTalkTM software patient demographics are retrieved from the database and automatically inserted into your templates.
  • I need to fax or e-mail a note automatically to the referring physician.

    This can be done right from the MediTalkTM system.
  • I need to print ALL of the notes I've created today for insertion into the paper chart.

    The MediTalkTM system incorporates Batch Printing to allow multiple documents to be printed at once.
  • If you use one of these off the shelf medical programs it may contain macros of compliant text that you can easily insert into your documents. BUT THEY AREN'T YOUR WORDS, and many times it is painfully obvious in the finished product which parts you have dictated and which parts were inserted by an anonymous knowledge base.

    With MediTalkTM software YOU create your own macros, in your own words, so that they integrate seamlessly with your personal style of writing.
  • What's required by Medicare and HCFA today may not be required tomorrow or vice versa, how will my system stay up to date?

    With MediTalkTM software you can change your templates and macros adding or eliminating requirements and allowing you to keep up with the ever changing requirements AS THEY HAPPEN. With other products you might incorrectly document hundreds of patients while waiting for an 'upgrade'.
  • I'm part of a multi-doctor group and we all have our own favorite way of doing SOAPs, H&Ps etc. Does my software allow for this?

    With the MediTalkTM system each physician is allowed to have his/her own profile of favorite notes/letters/forms/macros, each with a different style, personality and appearance.
  • I'm part of a multi-doctor group and we all have our own favorite way of doing SOAPs, H&Ps etc. Does my software allow for this?

    With MediTalkTM each physician is allowed to have his/her own profile of favorite notes/letters/forms/macros, each with a different style, personality and appearance.

Speech Enabled Medical Records VS Menu Driven Systems

Menu Driven Systems (or drop down) charting and medical records systems are popular today. These systems usually consist of a series of screens that the physician clicks through detailing the symptoms, prognosis, diagnosis, history etc. The results are then compiled and a knowledge base within the program is used to generate a report or a note. The benefits of a system like this are obvious. However, systems such as these are increasingly coming under fire from the regulatory agencies for many reasons including the following:

  • The systems are usually hard to maintain. In the ever changing world of medicine you have to stay up to date on the latest guidelines for outcomes, etc. To stay current with these types of systems you either have to subscribe to their service to stay updated (so that you continue to pay for the product long after the initial purchase) or you have to wait for upgrades to come out which can result in improper documentation. This also puts you at extreme risk from the company you purchased from. If they go out of business and requirements change you may have wasted your investment. With MediTalkTM software and it's open architecture and flexibility you can be completely self-reliant.
  • There is a tendency in these systems toward over-documentation. According to Medicare this can be just as bad as under-documentation. Everyone who deals with Medicare knows that in the event of an audit, records that are not completely (or illegibly) documented can result in huge fines. There are increasing signs that the reverse might also be true. Over-documenting records can also result in censure. Diana Adams, a highly regarded independent consultant and auditor of physicians for Medicare compliance recently commented to us: "Doctors are so scared of not being compliant that they will buy or create systems that do too much. In a recent audit we looked at an office and every H&P looked EXACTLY the same. It didn't matter what the patient's complaint was, there was an identical 3 page H&P, with this boilerplate 'NORMAL' text in most of the entries. Even to the extent that when the patient's complaint is a head cold, there's an entry on the H&P that says 'The Prostate appears normal and not enlarged' now we KNOW that this type of exam was not done but the software he was using still put it into the document because the doctor wanted to make sure his documentation was adequate."
  • With MediTalkTM software the macros that you create are in your own words. You can have different macros that insert boilerplate text and mix in your own custom comments by voice. The situation described above can never happen with MediTalkTM software, it's impossible. You are automatically protected against both sides of the pendulum. You document each case with exactly what is needed and EVERY NOTE IS CUSTOM. If documentation requirements change you modify your template ONCE so that the new requirements are there when you start the document so that you won't forget to include them in your dictation.

Video Testimonials


Robert Bass, M.D. - Customized EMR


James Bonnen, M.D. - Templates

Highlighted Features

  • True Continuous Speech
    Speak to your computer as you were speaking to any person - naturally and at a normal pace. You no longer have to pause between words. You speak naturally and the words appear on your computer screen.
  • Editing and Correcting
    One of the most helpful features is the editing process of MediTalkTM software. You can correct or edit at anytime - as you go or postpone it until later. This feature is ideal for medical personnel who would prefer to concentrate on their thoughts and correct small errors later.
  • Highly Accurate
    One Healthcare Solution, Inc. uses the most accurate continuous speech dictation products ever produced. With regular use and training, users can achieve 98 % or higher accuracy. Better yet, dialects, accents and individual pronunciations are learned by the system.
  • Document Storage
    MediTalkTM software allows easy and efficient storage of all documents. Ready access allows ease of sorting, printing and reproduction of notes and letters. MediTalkTM software gives the user flexibility to print in a variety of formats, including continuous chart notes.
  • Instant Access to Information
    MediTalkTM software allows instant access of patient demographics and referral source demographics giving you a wealth of information at your fingertips.
  • Open Architecture
    MediTalkTM software uses the Microsoft ActiveX architecture. This means that other applications (like MS Excel, Access, Word etc.) can easily interface with MediTalkTM software to extend beyond the original functionality of the system