Patient Interactive Health Record

One Healthcare Solution TM technology leads the way for Patient Interactive Health Records. By giving your patients the ability to interact with you and your staff through a secure portal we have opened the door to greater patient satisfaction and increased clinic revenues.

  • Improve office efficiency
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Improve documentation
  • Reduce phone calls
  • Increase patient satisfaction & loyalty

Electronic Patient Checkin

Patients can now complete checkin forms, consent information and follow-up questionnaires from home and feel comfortable doing it at their own pace. Staff is now freed-up to spend time discussing with patients critical health information that can enhance the quality of the patient's visit. No more trying to interpret your patient's handwriting then typing information into a computer. Asking the patient to try to remember all of the medications that they are taking can be frustrating. Now, patients can go to their medicine cabinet to confirm their current medication list is complete and accurate. Giving your patients the means to help you and your staff improve documentation saves everyone time and improves practice performance.

  • Increased practice efficiency
  • Information filled out in comfort of patients' home.
  • Cleaner and accurate information.
  • More time spent visiting with patients.
  • Increase patient satisfaction.
  • Decrease employee time spent on patient paper work.

Do all of my patients have email?

Recent studies have shown that 79% of patients have access to email accounts today, and over 90% are willing to complete information on line.


Saves your practice time and money and increases patient satisfaction.