Integrated Electronic Medical Records

  • Media Manager: Convert paper charts to images
  • Documents Control: Sort and manage dictated documents.
  • Forms Manager: Create orders and other forms electronically.
  • Dictation Module: Create notes, letters and other documentation.
  • Document Search Utilities: Lookup phrase or words previously dictated
  • Prescription Management: Write prescriptions quickly and legibly.
  • MediFax: Send receive faxes with little effort.
  • Medical Sketchpad: Sketch on standard images.
  • Item analysis shows data over time makes trending your information easy


Media Manager helps keep track of all the pieces of paper that come into your clinic. Examples include any type of lab work, MRI results, OP Notes, etc. Categorizing and organizing all the incoming paper is fast and convenient. Media Manager offers flexible solutions for viewing, printing and faxing. 

Benefit: Having one place to see all of your patient's information saves doctors and staff hours of time looking for lost information. Media Manager changes the way you look at paper.

How do I convert my faxes and pieces of paper into viewable documents? 
Once a file is scanned or grabbed electronically off a fax, it is as easy as dragging and dropping the file. The file is imported directly into the patient's chart.


From the very first versions of MediTalk TM software, we have had a simple to use document management tool built into our applications. Being able to create a document efficiently is important but being able to recall it quickly is essential. Allowing for quick lookups, instant faxing and printing has been a hallmark of MediTalk TM .

Can I edit a document and will the MediTalk TM system keep track of my changes? 
Every change that is made to a document is kept track of; who changed it, what is different and when it was changed. 

Benefit: Version Tracking reduces your medical legal liability.


Forms Manager keeps up with all the different types of forms in your clinic. Paper forms in your clinic used to send out orders and other correspondents can be tracked and managed from the Forms Manager. Forms Manager also keeps track of specialty specific information allowing your clinic to track unique information to your charts.

Can the forms look like the ones in my practice? 
Forms Manager can have any form in the menu that you are accustomed to. The look and feel of most any form can be duplicated. 

Benefit: Save money on expensive preprinted forms. Add custom information to your system without paying custom programming prices.


Speaking with our voice is the most natural way to communicate. The MediTalk TM software dictation module gives physicians the ability to interface directly with their Medical Records using speech recognition. The dictation module allows them to be more productive and self-reliant by simply talking to their computers. Physicians are able to produce highly accurate and legible chart notes quickly, medical correspondence and other business documents without enormous transcription costs.

How long does it take to learn my medical terms? 
With 32 different Medical Specialty vocabularies, you have a custom vocabulary right from the start. You save hours trying to add custom words to your dictations. 

Benefit: Save money on expensive transcription costs.


Now you can find any phrase or word dictated. No more clawing your way through hundreds of charts to try and find that one patient. No more guessing how many patients have the same history.

Are you left wondering if you have any patients on a recalled drug? 
With Document Search Utility you can look up any word or phrase and it will produce a spreadsheet with a list of every patient that qualifies. 

Benefit: Save wasted staff time looking for charts. Lower your liability by instantly notify your patients of drug recalls.


Quickly and accurately, create prescriptions. With one click of a mouse or one voice command simply create a prescription. You can be assured that the refill is being given at the correct time.

Can anyone create prescriptions in MediTalk TM 
Users in the MediTalk TM system can create prescriptions but only authorized users can print or fax the prescriptions. 

Benefit: Save doctors and staff time refilling prescriptions.

MediFax Integration (complete faxing solution) 
This comprehensive faxing package allows you to not only fax out notes, referral letters, prescriptions, labs results, and any type of scanned images. It also includes the ability to receive all faxes in an electronic file format that are then converted into PDF files and tied to the specific patient.

How do you know when there is a new fax? 
Faxes come into the INBOX folder that is easily monitored by staff. 

Benefit: Save time and money messing with paper faxes. No more toner and paper. No more pulling charts to add a fax.

Medical Sketchpad 
Use a picture to enhance patient education. With the Medical Sketch pad, you can use your favorite images to sketch on and show to your patients. Simply click, and your patient education is now part of their chart.

What do I use to write on? 
Most users write using a tablet computer. 

Benefit: Increase patient satisfaction and understanding of patient education.

Item Analysis 
Keep track of all your numbers with Item Analysis. When looking at vital signs, PT for Coumadin management, lab results and other stats Item Analysis is a great way to take a look at extended information. Print the information to show trends in weight gain for patient education. 

Benefit: Save time scrolling through charts looking for results.