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Four Gaps In Physician Office Healthcare

Below are the four gaps in most digital integration programs that One Healthcare SolutionSM services will fill to have you and your team running a seamless, efficient office. Click on any of the Four Gaps to find out more information about the process.

  1. Automated Transcription Process Management
    • One step completion
    • Put doctors back in control of the dictation process.
    • Cut out transcription costs, increase time management and minimize legal liability.
    • No more turnaround review, revise, and send back.
    • Cut out redundant repetition with custom templates and macros.
    • Documents full of rich accurate information that is pertinent to the visit.
    • Letter quality documentation that doesn't look like a computer-generated form.
    • Get referral letters out quickly same time seeing patient.
    • See what you're saying while dictating.
    • Custom medical dictionaries for 32 different specialties.
    • Over 1 million dictations created with Voice Recognition Dictation.
  2. Integrated Electronic Medical Records
    • Media manager/scanning convert paper charts to images.
    • Documents Control sort and manage dictated documents.
    • Forms Manager, create orders and other forms electronically.
    • Dictation module, create notes, letters and other documentation.
    • Document search utilities. Lookup any phrase or words previously dictated.
    • Prescription writer create prescriptions quickly and legibly.
    • MediFax integrated faxing; send/receive faxes with little effort.
    • Patient wait list management. Track how long your patients wait.
    • Medical sketchpad. Draw on standard images. Help with patient education.
    • Item analysis shows data over time makes trending your information easy.
  3. Interactive Patient Health Record Communications
    • Patients conveniently fill out personal information in the privacy of their home.
    • Increase show rates, cut back on no-shows.
    • Verify information and coverage prior to seeing the patient.
    • Lower liability, cleaner and more accurate patient information.
    • Enable the doctors to spend more time with patients.
    • Increase patient satisfaction.
    • Decrease employee time required to spend on patient paper work.
    • Send Patients results, reminders, and follow-ups electronically.
  4. Clinic Operational Workflow Management
    • Integrated Scheduling, by facilities & doctors.
    • Alerts, Notification of urgent tasks.
    • Priority Patients personal follow-up reminders. Dated & commented for easy referencing.
    • Interoffice messaging, send staff mail and receive messages.
    • To-Do List, manage tasks and to do's.
    • Waiting list allows clinic to see where patients are at all times.
    • Patient Alerts. Tag important patients for the entire practice to see.
    • Call Back List. Phone call reminders.
    • Automated envelope & letter printing. Dymo Label printing interface labels of all sizes.
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