One Healthcare Solution Frequently Asked Questions


How is One Healthcare Solution different from other software companies?

We not only integrate your clinic to a digital workflow, we work with you directly in specific stages to ensure that the transfer is smooth and fully understood by you and your staff. Most business tools available today for clinic physicians take a half cycle approach and only address part of their business operational needs, leaving major gaps in your workflow. At One Healthcare Solution we come from the medical industry and understand the nuances of patient management, government compliance and office staff administration.

What kind of service and support programs does One Healthcare Solution offer?

Support programs are offered on an annual basis but can be broken down into automated monthly payments.

What is the learning curve for physicians and staff?

One Healthcare Solution's approach is to work with you in stages. This helps alleviate the stress of change. Each practice has its unique characteristics and personalities. Implementation is done at a comfortable pace without worrying about trying to press everything into a two or three week time line.

What is the 12-month timeline program?

Clinic Full Cycle Yield Management System allows your practice to get started over a 12 month time cycle, stage by stage. Most systems today cannot accommodate this type of approach it is all or nothing on day one. With One Healthcare SolutionSM services, we start by triaging the most critical parts of your practice and work on the other areas in order of importance. One Healthcare Solution works with you until you have a complete integrated management system that lets you manage your clinic instead of having your clinic manage you.

Will One Healthcare Solution provide me with client references?

We provide references to qualified prospects as needed based on the client's needs.

How long have you been in business?

One Healthcare Solution is a reformation of Quincy Systems. This change was made to better meet the needs of our customers. We have been in business since January 1997 and have over 300 physician clinics and healthcare clients in 23 states.

What kind of service and support programs does One Healthcare SolutionTM offer?

One Healthcare SolutionSM services include technical software support for our products on a yearly contract basis. A yearly contract agreement entitles you to troubleshooting and maintenance of computer software, free software upgrades with discounted upgrade training, application support and professional services. Hardware support is provided by their respective original manufacturer or your hardware partner. We will work closely with your hardware partner to make sure that the network and hardware are properly installed and supported. We provide a single call solution, which means if you have a problem, our support staff will troubleshoot it for you and work towards a resolution. We are committed to developing a close relationship with you and your IT providers.

Is hiring a technical staff required?

Most clinics do not need a dedicated technical person, but larger clinics may decide otherwise. Either way, it is important to assign a staff member for contact purposes, backup and maintenance to ensure that we have a successful client engagement.