About One Healthcare SolutionTM

One Healthcare Solution, Inc. is a privately held company founded in January of 1997. Mastering innovative and emerging technologies, One Healthcare SolutionTM has quickly established itself as a leader in voice enabled Medical Information Systems. By working with and listening closely to health care professionals, we have combined new and complex technologies into effective tools that allow physicians to become more productive and self-reliant.

One Healthcare Solution successfully introduced the flagship product MediTalkTM, a medical records system that allows physicians to create and archive medical documentation in a natural flow using natural speech for command and control. MediTalkTM technology uses intuitively designed software that has the flexibility to fit the unique styles of physicians. MediTalkTM is so flexible that it can actually be molded to match the personality of the user to allow the natural flow of information into the system.

The Mission of One Healthcare Solution is to develop, market, implement and support Information Systems for the medical community and equip physicians with tools enabling them to provide higher quality care at reduced costs.

Medical Dictation Software

Our team of programmers has been perfecting our custom approach to medical transcription and dictation software for the past 11 years. We specialize in voice recognition dictation and speech recognition transcription. The One Healthcare Solution TM team has installed our software suite in over 300 doctor's offices and healthcare clinics. Medical professionals utilize our speech recognition applications in many areas of healthcare and practice management. Digital workflow by way of medical dictation is what we do best.

"What goes unmentioned most of the time is that when I use my technology, when I'm in the exam room my attention is on the patient - they know I'm paying attention - they get better care, they get more of my time... and I'm a better doctor; I am freed up to do my job, which is to take care of patients."
-Daniel Rouch D.O.

Doctors don't need to dictate, write out by hand, or waste any of their valuable time because they are using our medical voice recognition transcription solutions.

Electronic Medical Record Software

We are an independent Electronic Medical Record software and service provider. We offer a full range of Electronic Medical Record and Clinic Practice Management software solutions. Unlike reseller vendors, we have the ability to customize our solutions and quickly respond to the unique needs of our customers. Our approach has a proven track record of success with hundreds of clients now using our Electronic Medical Record software suite.

I know when it's electronic, I can back it up, I don't have to worry about storage problems, and I can use the office space that I have to use for some other purpose: more exam rooms, more treatment facilities, or whatever else I want to do.
-Robert Bass, M.D.

Integrated Scheduling

Our clinic operational workflow utilizes integrated scheduling as a core component. This saves clinics and doctors substantial amounts of time and effort. EMRs are system which keep track of medical information. Our solution integrates medical dictation software and integrated scheduling to make the entire management process seamless and easy for doctors and practice managers.