Clinic Full Cycle Yield Management SpecialistsSM

We not only integrate your office to a digital workflow, we work with you directly in specific stages, to ensure that the transfer is smooth and fully understood by you and your staff. Most business tools available today for clinic physicians take a half cycle approach and only address part of their business operational needs, leaving major gaps in your work-flow. At One Healthcare Solution we come from the medical industry and understand the nuances of patient management, government compliance and office staff administration.

By implementing these four stages of our clinic Full Cycle Yield Management System over a 12 month time cycle, stage by stage you close your patient and operational gaps moving one step closer to having an integrated management system that will let you manage your clinic... instead of having your clinic manage you.


ONC-ATCB Certified for the Meaningful Use program since February 2nd, 2012.  All our customers who attested for 2012 received their first years incentive payments.  Clicking on the image below will link you to a full size image of the certificate.

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